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Who we are

A team of HR practitioners who joined forces to disrupt the system from within, we founded WhiteBox HR because we have seen the downside of technology use in the workplace. While AI allows us to make smarter, more predictive decisions fast, if not carefully monitored, technology such as machine learning and deep learning can lead to incorrect and subjective outcomes.

More importantly, it can lead to the “black box” problem, where it becomes hard to explain how decisions are made. At WhiteBox HR, we firmly believe when it comes to decisions that affect people, their livelihood, and their future, these decisions should be transparent and explainable and we should be able to understand how these predictive insights were made. That is why we ensure our technology fits into a “White Box” model as much as possible to fulfil our commitment to leveraging amazing technology for the greater outcome for all. 

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What we do

WhiteBox HR leverages the power of Analytics, People Science, Technology and AI to help organisations unlock potential through our Capability, Connectivity and Consulting services.


Enabling Performance

Traits, Ability, Skills & Motivators



Enabling Organizational Health

 Networks, Collaboration, Productivity, Engagement & Wellbeing



Enabling Success

HR Advisory

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Why WhiteBox HR?

At WhiteBox HR, we love using AI and Analytics to augment the colleague experience and increase happiness, engagement, positivity and productivity.

With our technology, you now have the ability to take a holistic view of all the data you have and go beyond making sense of it but using it to predict.  

why whitebxhr
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