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Our Solutions



Online Assessments

Our portfolio of assessments utilize science and a personalized approach to predict fit to role, culture and team.

Our diverse range of tools include: Personality, Career Drivers, Games, Situational Judgement Tests, Video Interviews, & Technical Assessments.

Assessment & Development Centers

Our qualified team of consultants work closely with clients to design bespoke Assessment & Development Centers based on specific requirements.

This includes internal assessments to redeploy team members or volume hiring to support workforce needs.


Coaching is necessary for a more personalized and focused approach to learning and development.

Our network of experienced coaches deliver a wide range of coaching solutions including: Leadership & Executive Coaching, Integrated Coaching, Career Coaching, and Team Coaching.




Our Analytics enable organizational health by shining a light on the invisible patterns of collaboration and productivity across an organization.

This facilitates key organisational change initiatives from measuring employee engagement and inclusion through to wellbeing and productivity.

Organizational Health & Culture Diagnostic

Through dynamic dashboards at individual, department and group levels, our solution provides a diagnostic snapshot of key analytics and insights.

The insights diagnose organizational culture in order to intervene with appropriate actions proactively and ensure continued organizational health and culture alignment.


HR Technology

HR Technology has never been more important than it is today.

It is our passion to support organizations wishing to adopt or transform their HR Technology suite and start using analytics to make data-driven decisions to enable organisational success.

Employee Experience

The Employee Experience is directly linked with employee engagement, productivity, retention and overall wellbeing.

Our team works closely with our clients in designing, reviewing, and mapping the entire employee experience journey, including all UI/UX, frameworks and processes.

Career Transition & Outplacement

When right-sizing is required, it can be a daunting experience for everyone involved.

WhiteBox HR provides complete support to employees through a comprehensive package including assessments, workshops, CV/LinkedIn profiling & coaching, ensuring a seamless career transition and outplacement process.

Competency Framework Design

The qualified team of Consultants at WhiteBox HR assist organizations looking to create or refresh their competency framework.

This includes aligning our clients to benefit from utilizing our research-based E3 Competency Model aligned to the Future of Work Skills.

Organizational Transformation

& Design

Strategy is achieved through the right operating model, people, and culture.

Our comprehensive experience in the world of workforce transformation enables us to support clients achieve and execute their strategy to ensure success.

HR Framework & Processes

WhiteBox HR provides HR Framework and Process Consulting on a wide range of HR disciplines.

These include: Human Capital Strategy, Organizational Change, HR Transformation, Talent Management & Acquisition, HR Analytics, and HR Technology.

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