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WhiteBox HR and Virtual Vision enter a Strategic Partnership in Saudi Arabia


A partnership agreement was signed on 12th October 2022 between WhiteBox HR and Virtual Vision during the GITEX GLOBAL-October 2022-Dubai under the sponsorship of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and leveraging HPE Digital Life Garage innovation ecosystem.

WhiteBox HR uses machine learning and people science to provide predictive insights at every stage of the Talent Lifecycle. Managing Partner, Mr. Yasir Ali, represents it.

The second business is Virtual Vision (V2), a Public Cloud provider with IaaS, PaaS, and BlaaS services in Saudi Arabia. Virtual Vision is certified as a Class C provider by the CITC. The company's COO, Mr. Hazem Sandouka, represents it.

By employing machine learning, data analytics and people science, WhiteBox HR’s solution provides clients with cutting-edge HR technology that enables organizational health and productivity.

The Virtual Vision (V2) Cloud infrastructure will host the WhiteBox HR solution, which will be used to service Saudi Arabian customers while adhering to local cybersecurity standards and laws that will retain all data within the country.

Saudi Arabia will be the target market for this partnership. Speaking about the partnership, Yasir Ali, Managing Partner of WhiteBox HR, said, “We aim to expand our reach into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offering this sector-agnostic solution to various organizations, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as large entities. Primary beneficiaries include entities within Financial Services, Conglomerates, Oil & Gas, Education, Government and Property Development sectors.”

“Our goal is to always bring new cloud services to Saudi Arabia through key business partnerships” said Hazem Sandouka, COO of Virtual Vision, “WhiteBox HR’s unique solution running on the V2 Cloud helps companies in Saudi Arabia to digitally transform their workforce instead of simply modernizing it.”

About WhiteBox:

WhiteBox HR is passionate about using AI and Analytics to augment the employee and candidate experience to increase happiness, engagement, efficiency and productivity for all. With its technology, users now have the ability to take a holistic view of all the data they have and go beyond making sense of it, but using it to predict.

About Virtual Vision (V2):

Virtual Vision (V2) is the top provider of cloud computing and system integration services in Saudi Arabia. They constructed their own Cloud Services with their knowledge, experience, and attention to the customers' needs.


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